Hinged Steel Belt Type Chip Conveyor

Hinged Belt Conveyors are used for effectively remove metal chips in Machine tools, It incorporates hinged steel belt moving inside a metal casing. These conveyors are designed to handle long, curly, bushy chips - dry, wet or hot that are generated during turning, boring, drilling and other similar metal cutting operations. The hinge belt surface can be plain, perforated or dimpled in accordance with application requirement.

 Pitch 38.1mm 63.5mm 101.6mm 152.4mm 228.6mm
 Application  Carry long, curly, bushy  chips wet, dry or hot Useful   in machining centers,   turning, milling, boring and   special purpose machines    with a driving power of upto   50   KW.  Carry long, curly, bushy  chips wet, dry or hot. Useful in  machining  centers,  turning, milling,  boring and  special purpose machines  with a   driving power of  upto 50  KW.    stamping / sheet  metal   press shops to handle   scrap at a  moderate   capacity    stamping/ sheet metal  press   shops where the  scrap   generation rate  exceeds the   handling  capacity of a 4"pitch  Automotive press scrap
 Chip Carrying  Capacity  As per application
 Type of belt
 plain, perforated, dimpled, combo
 Inclination Angle  60° /45°
 Not carrying Swarf, Fines, Cast iron
 Custom /Standard( Grey/Blue/Black/White)

Magnetic Type Chip Conveyor

  • Designed to convey ferrous materials which produces small chips & fines
  • In this conveyor the top plain sheet remain in stationary, and small ferrous chips are evacuated by powerful magnets rotating underneath the belt
  • Limitation of this conveyor is heavy chips
  • Scrap or parts can damage the sheet metal belt

 Model  DSLC 6M
 Pitch  15.875 mm
 Hobbing, gear cutting, shaving
 Chip Carrying Capacity  As per application
 Material  Ferrous material
 Type of chip
 Fines / swarf / sludge / small / broken chips Small parts (screws, bolts, etc)

Scraper Type Chip Conveyor

These are designed for handling small, powdery chips such as cast iron and find application in machines/metal cutting operations that generate small/powdery chips such as milling. They can handle wet or dry chips. Conveyor carry fine chips and swarf, the scraper belt moves in reverse direction which carry the chips and dragging chips up the incline to the discharge end.

 Model DSLC 15S DSLC 25S
 Pitch 38.1mm 63.5mm
 Application  Fines / swarf / small / broken chips Light chip Loads  Fines / swarf / small / broken chips Heavy chips Loads
 Chip Carrying  Capacity  Design as per application
 Customize / Standard
 cast iron, aluminum, brass
 Inclination Angle
 60° /45°
 Limitation  Inlet height must be 120 mm or more
 Custom / Standard ( Grey / Blue / Black / White )

Screw / Coil Conveyor

  • Screw conveyors are used to convey the material continuously with the help of a rotating helical screw blade (known as flights) by shear and tumbling effect inside a U shaped trough or a round tube. They are generally used for handling fines of small curly crushed chips.
  • Applications: Aluminum / Brass / Steel Small / broken chips

Scraper Conveyor With Drum Filter

MODEL 15SD It is combination of scraper conveyor and filter drum that effectively handles small chips arising out of cutting operations such as milling. The separation of fine metal particles from coolant is effected by the rotating filter drum of finely woven stainless steel mesh. The drum is driven by scraper chain and hence no separate drive is required and also no consumable filter media used. The drum is continuously cleaned by a pressurized backwash system. Coolant cleaning of upto 100 microns is achievable by this compact conveyor cum separator. The unit is custom-built to suit individual machine requirements and more drums can be added depending on coolant flow rate.

Dual Type Chip Conveyor With Drum Filter

The Dual type chip conveyor with drum filter provides outstanding chip removal and coolant cleaning for your machine tool. With the capability to handle nearly any chip type and material, while providing coolant cleanliness to 50 micron nominal, this systems are well suited for general purpose machining. Tank cleanout periods can be extended from monthly for standard chip conveyors to annually for this systems, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

The Dual type chip conveyor with drum filter system can handle most chip types and materials and includes a permanent self-cleaning media drum separates fines from the coolant to 50 micron nominal.

  • Integrated media-free backwash system eliminates filter replacements, clogged screens and pumps
  • Plug and run packages available for many machine tools to ease installation
  • Hardened components option available for applications involving abrasive materials

Conveying Systems

conveying system
  • Flat Belt Type
  • Roller Type
    • Idler Free Roller
    • Gravity Roller
    • Power Roller
    • Bend Tapered Roller
  • Chain Conveyor
  • Wire Mesh Conveyor
  • Slat Conveyor
  • Trolley Conveyor
  • Oval Shape Conveyor
  • Overhead Conveyor
  • Rotary Conveyor
conveying system
conveying system
conveying system

Scrap Handling Conveyor

These are designed for Scrap processing, recycling facilities metal working etc. are developed for reliable operation in the most arduous conditions. This rugged conveyor is available in both the open type frame and closed type frame. The Standard Chain pitches are 2.5" (63.5 mm) / 4" (101.6 mm) / 6" )152.4 mm)and 9".(229 mm) Belt widths vary in in progression of 1 1/2' i.e., from 12" to 54" maximum widths. The Shapes of the conveyors are as required by customer and to suit the application. The Chain pitches and belt widths are selected based on the nature of the scrap and scrap carrying capacity.

Conveyor Chain

A conveyor chain is chain that has been designed specifically for chain conveyor systems. It consists of a series of journal bearings that are held together by constraining link plates. Each bearing consists of a pin and a bush on which the chain roller revolves. Various type of chain is available with us.

Conveyor Chain
Conveyor Chain
Conveyor Chain
Conveyor Chain
Conveyor Chain
Conveyor Chain